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Procedure of Passing a Hair Drug Test

Many organizations across the globe have a policy where the employees working there are restricted from using certain recreational drugs which are likely to affect their ability to perform their duties effectively. The common drugs that organizations warn their employees from using include marijuana which is known to stimulate a persons mind and make them ineffective, as well as hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin which make a person lose touch with reality.

The fact that some workers can use such banned drugs in secret has necessitated that the companies find various ways of doing regular drug tests to confirm that all the workers do not have any traces of banned substances in their systems when they report to the office.

In the modern world, employers have decided to deviate from the traditional urine drug tests and them are now using hair to test for drugs that might have been consumed by employees since hair tends to hold traces of such drugs for a longer period.

The success of hair drug tests comes from the fact that the process of hair growth is supported by the presence of blood at the hair follicles which supplies any drug metabolites into the hair such that they can be discovered later after testing. However, you might want to use some recreational drugs that have been banned by organizations without the risk of getting caught, especially if you have a weekend to enjoy with your friends. When you get the urge to consume some drugs for recreation, you should go ahead because there are ways to cheat the hair drug test so that you do not get caught.

The procedure that is widely used when you want to pass a hair drug test is known as macujo method, and it is successful because it increases the permeability of your hair cuticles when done correctly making it easy for any drug substances to be removed. There things you should do when carrying out this procedure of cleaning your hair to eliminate drug substances.

First, you should ensure that you stay away from further drug use a few days before beginning the procedure. On the onset of the process, make sure to wet your hair after which you can begin by putting some Heinz vinegar on the hair which you can massage well onto the hair while adding pink clean and clear so that both the chemicals can be massaged into the hair. After through massaging of the mixture into your hair, leave it for up to half an hour before rinsing it off using Nexxus aloe rid shampoo so that you finish the process.

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